GET Operation/{id}/Status

get the full status of an operation

GET Operation/{id}/Rollback

Get Rollback status

POST Operation/{id}/Rollback

Create a rollback request

POST Operation/{id}/RollbackItems

Create a rollback request

GET Operation/{id}/Cancel

Get Cancel status

POST Operation/{id}/Cancel

Create a cancel request

GET Operation/{id}/Queue

Returns your position in the wait queue if there is no wait returns 0

POST Operation/{id}/Clean

Remove all informations on your migration


POST MigrationFiles/TemporaryTask

Create a temporary migration task that you will use use to upload files

POST MigrationFiles/UploadSmallFile

upload a file smaller than 30Mb (which should be the case for most ics / vcf / XmlRules)


GET Migration/{id}?includeErrors={includeErrors}

Get basic infos on a migration

GET Migration/IsDone/{id}

Get basic infos on a migration

GET Migration/IsStuck/{id}

Check if migration is stuck

GET Migration/Progress/{id}

Get progress infos on a migration

POST Migration/ProgressWithIncrementals

Get informations on a migration with incrementals

GET Migration/Errors/{id}/{type}

Get Error list on a migration step

POST Migration

Create a new migration

POST Migration/HasPreviousRelatedMigrations

Check if there is already an existing migration and give the id back

POST Migration/{id}/CreateIncremental

Create a new incremental migration

GET Migration/{id}/{type}

Get item type migration information

GET Migration/Progress/{id}/{type}

Get item type migration information


GET Project

Get basic infos on a Project

POST Project

Get basic infos on a Project

POST Project/AddMigration

Add a single migration to a project

POST Project/AddMigrations

Add multiple migrations to a project

POST Project/Import

Import an excel/csv file to create multiple migrations

POST Project/Modify

modify a migration on the opposite case it will stay